Uncensored Imagery – {beauty in birth}

**** WARNING  ****

This blog post contains uncensored images captured during birth.
Please do not view this post should you feel sensitive to birthing imagery or hospital scenes.


This blog post is dedicated to a group of amazing women.
Women who have allowed me to into their most sacred of spaces… to be present to witness and capture the birth of their baby.
Women who i have the up-most admiration and respect for, who have shown such strength and determination.
Women who have helped shaped who i am today as a birth photographer, to whom i am forever thankful.
A group of women who know first hand the true value, the power and beauty in birth photography…
And have given permission for me to share these incredibly beautiful images with you.

How can you possibly describe the moment a baby’s head begins to crown? It is the most captivating moment.
When all that you have endured is almost over, when that baby is almost born, almost in your arms.
You watch on, holding your breath, in pure amazement…

And then you pause, the head is out, you see that little face for the first time.
Half in their world, half in ours. Not yet born.
It is, literally, breathtaking.
All that anticipation turns to sheer elation, pure joy…

And yet, all these beautiful moments, the birth of the baby, usually all goes unseen…
These powerful, emotional and brilliant moments… never seen.

But what if you could see it? What if you could actually see the birth of your baby?
What if you could see every single beautiful detail… captured forever.

This is the power of just one aspect of birth photography.

Thank you for the permission to share these images. Thank you for the honour to witness these breath taking moments.
Thank you for the support, encouragement and positive manner in which birth photography is appreciated. Thank you.

{as always} x

{PS} – Please note that not all birth clients wish to have these moments captured as part of their birth story. Birth photography does not *always* mean having these types of images included.
This is something that is very much a personal choice, individual to each client, and that decision is respected.  With all clients, these aspects are discussed prior to their booking and throughout the process leading up to the birth. No images are ever published without prior consent.









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