A Very Exciting Post – {Birth Giveaway}


Hello! And welcome to such an exciting blog post!

I have a huge announcement to make!!

Let me give it to you straight and up front… i LOVE birth!
It is the most incredible and emotional genre to photograph, so powerful and a real blessing to be witness and capture new life coming into the world!
I feel (as cliche as it sounds), that this is really my calling… that it is what i am meant to be doing.

With that, however, comes the tremendous task of really getting concept of birth photography off the ground here in Hobart.
As much as that is a huge task, i am embracing those hurdles and taking on those challenges.

Part of that is building relationships with hospitals, OB’s, midwives (etc)… Ensuring that the genre of birth is built on a solid and professional ground right from the start.

But also to really show the community what birth is all about… And have you all fall in love with it as much as i am!

To show you the power, the beauty, the importance…

And 2016 is going to be THE year for birth!!!

_MG_7725  IMG_9140  IMG_9107  IMG_9225  _MG_7799  

As exciting as that is for me… why does that make this blog post so exciting for you??

Because i am….


That’s right!

THREE clients with due dates in 2016 will be selected to have their birth photographed by me…
Complimentary. On the house. Free of charge.

How amazing is that!???!!

Why am i doing this?? Because simply…
I want to share the joy of birth with you!!

In 2016, i look forward to being able to continue to grow as a birth photographer, continue to establish relationships with clients and medical personnel, expand my portfolio, share more examples of my work, reach into new community circles, give more reason for word of mouth to spread news of birth in Hobart…

I truly believe that what you put out into the world you will get back… and so i am putting my love of birth, devoting my time, sharing my skill… i am giving this all away to and i know that the reward i get back in return – the pure privilege in sharing in your birth story – will not only be something i can treasure myself, but it will be so rewarding for my goal of taking birth photography to the next level here in Hobart.

IMG_2381    IMG_2430

So… To give you the basic run down of how this will work…

You are invited to complete an expression of interest form (click here).
This form will ask you basic questions for your personal details and your pregnancy/birth plan.

In addition, the form will ask you a few questions surrounding aspects of birth photography and in particular why you wish to have your birth photographed.
It is from these questions/answers that three clients will be selected.

All birth plans or birth scenarios are welcome to submit their expression of interest. The only criteria is a due date in 2016.
If selected, clients will be provided with the further information regarding what is involved, what they receive and the full terms with no obligation to accept the offer.

021     034     025

Close of expression of interest is 1st December 2015 at 5pm.
Selected clients notified by 7th December 2015 by 5pm.

So if you are expecting a new addition (or two, or three!) in 2016 and would like the opportunity to have this incredibly special time photographed for your forever memories collection…
Pop on over to the expression of interest form (click here) soon, and cross those fingers and toes!

0L4A9710  0L4A9703  0L4A9671  0L4A9839  0L4A9849

What an AMAZING year 2016 is going to be!

{as always} x

PS –  Here are some links to more information about birth photography and samples of previous births i have photographed if you would like to know more:

The Why Question?
Uncensored Images – Beauty in Birth
Theodore’s Story
Ellie’s Story
Leila’s Story
Pippa’s Story
Eliana’s Story
Levi’s Story


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