Henry’s Story – {birth}

Every birth story that i have the honour of capturing steals my heart in a way that is special and unique to that baby, that family, that experience…

It astonishes me how every time i get the call that it is go time, i never know what i am going to walk into, what the birth will be like, what images i can create, or how that day will touch me and move me and change me… and in turn, what effect those images will have on the family afterwards, what emotions they will stir or what memories will they see that they didn’t even know existed.

It blows me away to think that when you go to photograph a birth, it is a once in a life time moment, that it is something that i will share in that i will never experience again, because each and every birth is so vastly different to the next, and those moments that i am part of, that i witness, that i capture and record… they really are once in a life time, life changing, life defining moments.

And that is huge. It is powerful. It is emotive. It is inspiring. It is amazing. Incredible. And it takes my breath away and brings me to tears each and every time.

The birth story of Henry is exactly that… and i still get goosebumps looking at his images.

The connection of Elizabeth and Richard was astounding, their bond and strength…
The support of Karen, to encourage and maintain focus…
The sheer joy and instant love for the little boy the moment he was placed in their arms…

This is… Henry’s Story. Click Here.

{as always} x


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