Welcome Back!

Oh it is SO very exciting to be able to sit down and write this blog post. It is something that I have been waiting to do for what feels like an eternity. It is hard to imagine just how how much time has gone, and so quickly too. It has been a whole year. And honestly, it has felt like a part of me has been missing for that whole time. Photography defined me. It was the thing that made me more than a wife and mother. It was this core or soul of me. And it was so hard to face the reality that I would have to stop, although not forever, for what has felt like forever.

So to catch those up who aren’t aware – here is the story in a nutshell…

In Feb 2016 I had the unplanned but not unwelcome surprise of expecting another baby. After an 8 year gap, it felt like having a first baby all over again. Unfortunately, my body doesn’t do pregnancy that well. After suffering Hyperemesis Gravidarum with my first, I was again knocked down with it again this time very early on into the pregnancy. The reality was, that there was no way that it would be at all possible to continue working. I put on my brave face and completed the sessions that I had already committed myself to (which I still high five myself for, I have no idea how I actually manage to do them!), but beyond those I have been non-existent since.

In November, we welcomed Eliza Grace. And since then, besides soaking up every moment with our new addition, I have been working behind the scenes here ready to relaunch.

family photo b&w.jpg

Yesterday saw the beginning of that… the fresh new face of Captured By Koorine Photography was revealed on Facebook & the website… a new logo and a splash of colour. And with that, a full information package available with all the session details by request.

cropped-blog.jpgAnd for the remainder of the month of March I will continue to be putting things in place, getting everything in order and releasing all of the exciting things I have planned up my sleeve ready to then open the books for bookings from April 1st onwards.

It feels like a new spark has been ignited. This fire that was burning inside of me before has become more fierce… both because of the break, but because too of the journey that the break entailed. It has been a massive year for me, and if nothing else (besides a beautiful new daughter) it has made the love for maternity, birth and newborn that I already had even deeper, a whole new level of appreciation, and something that I just can’t wait to fully immerse myself into.

It is hard now sitting here writing this, I really just want to do it all now and get things underway all in one hit… but the month of March will be over before we know it, and all will have clicked into place during that time.

So for now, I will leave this at that… I am so glad to be able to start fresh, and look forward to what this next adventure will bring.

{as always} x


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