How To Spell Awesome

The moral of this story is:
If you are going to allow your 8yo to paint your belly with henna, don’t be surprised if there are spelling errors.

That’s right. At 39 weeks, I had the word “awesome” painted in henna on my belly by my 8yo, but it was spelled “awsum”.

And of course, when the 13yo points out the mistake, the 8yo cries. And when the 8yo cries, she drops the henna tubey-thing. And when the henna tubey-thing drops, it makes a mess. And when it makes a mess… well… this story just gets messier and messier!!!

But a few tears later, and then a whole lot of laughs… it was worth totally worth it!

Because this wasn’t just about taking some photos, it wasn’t just about decorating my belly or something to do on a Sunday afternoon… it was about having my two girls bond with their yet-to-be-born-baby-sister when we were aware of them having a larger age gap (one of whom is not overly emotional or naturally maternal by personality), with them feeling as though their whole world was turning upside down, with them still at 38 weeks still not feeling as though it was real and, in the words of my 13yo… feeling “meh”… not excited, not unhappy, not anxious, not impatient… just “meh”.

I blogged a few days about about my maternity images (which you can view here) and these are just a few more to help us remember it… remember the time in our lives, and remember the mess!

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