Image 10 – My Birth Story

Currently on Facebook I am posting one image a day over ten days showing my top ten favourite images from my birth story.

Here is yesterdays, image number 10…

Our two girls decided to come to be part of the birth of their younger sister. This is our 8yo daughter, Alanah. This image was taken in the morning, after having my waters broken, there was a incredible amount of meconium, and our birth plan started to go pear shaped. Our girls were going to come in once labour was established, but came in to visit for a quick hello before things really started in case they weren’t able to come back later. This was when they were getting ready to leave… little did we know just how quickly they would be back again (but more to come on that later)!

I love this image because of the emotion, she’s excited but overwhelmed, and vulnerable, and just didn’t want to leave me. The last time I would hug her as my youngest, the next time I would see her, she would be a big sister.

Image credit (with so much love and immense thanks):
Jes Jackson, Itty Bitty Photography.



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