Image 7 – My Birth Story

Currently on Facebook I am posting one image a day over ten days showing my top ten favourite images from my birth story.

Here is yesterdays, image number 7…

This image makes me giggle every time I look at it… It absolutely captivates me how even in those first minutes, even before the birth, these little precious babies have their own unique personalities… and this here is her exactly! It isn’t that she is a grumpy baby in mood, but she just has grumpy face. She did the moment she was out, and did weeks and weeks. It was just her face. And my two other girls found it hilarious!

I love it for it’s accuracy, this is her all over, spot on. And now we will never forget that little face so full of expression and personality!

Image credit (with smiles of laughter):
Jes Jackson – Itty Bitty Photography.



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