Image 4 – My Birth Story

Currently on Facebook I am posting one image a day over ten days showing my top ten favourite images from my birth story.

Here is yesterdays, image number 4…

I remember during the birth burying my head a lot – whether into Ben, a pillow, a face washer or my hands… and in my head, saying “don’t bury your face, it won’t make for good photos and you’ll regret it later”… oh the thoughts only a birth photographer would have mid-labour!!

I had a cannula in my wrist, it was in such an awkward place, and terribly uncomfortable and painful anytime I used my wrist and I complained about it since the night before when it went in. My labour went from nothing to full on in a matter of minutes, and birth within an hour of that. I remember being in this position and Ben saying “well it must be more painful because you aren’t complaining about your wrist anymore even though you’re bending and leaning on it”!

I love this image because I remember the humour in that the bed wouldn’t go up and down (the second of three beds that were broken), the loss of care over the cannula in that it was the start of things really ramping up, and that when I look at it I can see the connection between us and remember the things he whispered in my ear.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see the next image!

Image credit (with much appreciation):
Jes Jackson, Itty Bitty Photography.



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