Image 3 – My Birth Story

Currently on Facebook I am posting one image a day over ten days showing my top ten favourite images from my birth story.

Here is yesterdays, image number 3…

One of the biggest things I love about this birth (compared to Alanah’s) is the afterwards… afterwards I was able to enjoy those first precious moments… something that I missed first time around. I don’t remember Ben holding Alanah for the first time, all those moments are awash between sheer exhaustion and the medicated daze. It highlights the importance of birth photography in that those moments I missed I can’t re-live through images. This experience was so different. Both in how it happened, and in now having these moments recorded to re-live over and over!

I love this image because although I look tired, I am content, and his kiss is like saying “thank you” for enduring all that I had – both in pregnancy and birth – to give him another daughter. And who doesn’t love a bit of daddy-baby-skin-to-skin!

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see the next image!

Image credit (with adoration):
Jes Jackson, Itty Bitty Photography.




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